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Lawn mower repair in New Haven County

You psyched yourself up all week to mow your lawn, and now the unthinkable happens: your lawn mower won't start! Now what are you going to do? You could a) spend money that you don't really have on a new lawn mower, b) spend a fortune to have someone else to mow the lawn, which will go over oh-so-well with your better half, or c) get your lawn mower back to work for a reasonable price. If option "c" sounds like the better deal, call The Mower Medic LLC! 
We've been doing small engine and lawn mower repair for over 40 years.
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Quick turns, no burns

At The Mower Medic LLC, we understand that your time is at a premium. Having to wait hours, or even days, for someone to repair your lawn mower, snow blower, generator, or lawn tractor can throw a huge wrench in your well-laid plans. We specialize in fast turn-arounds on all small engine repairs. Call us today and put that to the test! 

Pennies on the dollar

Have you priced out new lawn mowers or snow throwers recently? They can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Getting as many years of use as possible out of your yard care equipment isn't just a nicety, it's a necessity. Let The Mower Medic LLC help you get your money's worth from your lawn tractors, generators and more.

Managed growth 

Keeping the growth of your lawn and trees under control isn't just something you do to avoid dirty looks from the neighbors. It's better for the overall health of our eco-system. The Mower Medic LLC can make sure all your machinery is in tip-top shape and ready to roll every single spring. Make an appointment for a tune-up today!
Lawn mower in action after being repaired by a professional in East Haven, CT

Your back will thank you & so will we!

Your riding mower is on the fritz. You've managed to locate a small engine repair shop, which was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Now you have to figure out how you're going to get your lawn mower from your place to theirs without tearing your hair out or ending up in traction. Forget all that and remember The Mower Medic LLC. We can perform most lawn mower repair at your home. 
Individual cutting grass using a repaired lawn mower in East Haven, CT

"My hat is off to The Mower Medic LLC!" - Cliff P., Yelp

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