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Tractor repair in New Haven County, CT

In today's consumeristic, disposable culture, some professional specialties have gone the way of the dodo. You might think that small engine repair is one of them. The Mower Medic LLC is happy to report that that's not the case. We still believe that lawn mowers, generators, and tractor mowers should last for years, if not decades, and our reason for living is making that happen. Call today for an appointment!

We always bring our "A" game

At The Mower Medic LLC, we're highly selective about the people we have working for us. Our employees are cherry-picked from the East Haven area for extensive knowledge of small engine repair, a solid work ethic, and professionalism in their dealings with customers and suppliers. For repairs, tune-ups and factory scheduled maintenance, call us today! 

More than words

"Top-notch customer service." Just about everyone has experienced situations where businesses promise it, but don't deliver it. You won't experience that with The Mower Medic LLC. Just ask any of our satisfied customers and they'll be happy to tell you that exceeding expectations is what we do a close second-best to small engine repair.  

We get in and get out
so you can get on

Finding the time to mow your lawn or trim your hedges was hard enough. An equipment malfunction is the last thing you need right now! The Mower Medic LLC understands completely. Call us and we'll come to your home or business and get your tractor, trimmer or mower back up and running with our trademark fast, friendly service.  
Tractor being repaired by a specialist in East Haven, CT

"An excellent model of professionalism." - Debbie A.,

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