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Lawnmower Repairs in New Haven County, CT

You knew that starting your lawn mower would require a little effort, but this is getting ridiculous! Before you dislocate your shoulder, call The Mower Medic LLC. We're New Haven County's trusted lawn mower repair specialists. Our fleet of mobile small engine repair trucks are fully stocked with everything we need to get your lawn mower back up and running, quickly and painlessly. 

Walk Behind Mower Service, up to 22"
(Tax not included, most models,most areas)

  • Oil Change
  • Lube Cables & Linkage
  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Adjust Carburetor
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Test Operation
  • Sharpen Blade
  • Scrape Underdeck
  • Price Includes Oil, Air Filter, Spark Plug
  • Clean Mower
  • Inspect Belt

Snow Blower Service
Call for seasonal specials.
(Tax not included, most models,most areas)

  • Replace Spark Plug
  • Oil Change
  • Adjust Carburetor
  • Replace Fuel Filter (if equipped)
  • Checking and Adjusting Belts
  • Checking Front Gear Box for Lube & Adding If Needed
  • Checking Shear Bolts
  • Checking Shave Plate
  • Checking Skid Shoes for Wear
  • Lubing and Adjusting Cables
  • Checking Drive System & Lubricating Hex Shaft
  • Starting and Adjusting

Lawn Tractors Tune - Up
Call for seasonal specials.
(Tax not included, most models,most areas)

  • Replace spark plug
  • Change oil
  • Replace oil filter (if equipped) 
  • Replace air filter 
  • Replace pre filter 
  • Replace fuel filter 
  • Reset air pressure in tires 
  • Check and adjust deck level 
  • Sharpen blades 
  • Scrape under deck 
  • Lube cables and linkage 
  • Grease all fittings 
  • Inspect belts and pullies 
  • Check charging system 
  • Check battery 
  • Clean 
  • Includes tune up parts 

We repair the following items:

  • Lawn and garden tractors 
  • Walk behind lawn mowers 
  • Snow blowers 
  • Tillers  
  • Leaf blowers  
  • Pressure washers 
  • Generators 

"They brought my 20-year-old beast back to life!" - Mike P.,

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